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May 2022

Note From The President

Russia’s war in Ukraine continues into its 67th day with no end in sight. It appears that endless U.S. weapons and sanctions, with no efforts at a negotiated settlement, ensures the war will last thruout 2022 (per Secretary of State Blinken), or for several years (according to Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley). I join many who now view the conflict primarily as a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, with Ukriane serving as the proxy for direct U.S. war with Russia, and getting the majority of casualties. 

So let’s turn our attention to the other proxy war the U.S. has been involved with for 7 years: Saudi Arabia’s war agaisnt the Houthi Yemeni rebels, who ousted the pro Saudi Yemen government in 2014. The next year, with massive U.S. help, the Saudis launched a brutal war to turn out the Houthis, returning the former Saudi leaning government back to power. 

Like with Ukriane, the U.S. joined in with weaponry and moral support. The Saudis are fighting with U.S. bombs, drones, mid air refueling of Saudi’s American made jets, intelligence, logistics and moral support. Unlike Ukraine, in Yemen, the U.S. joined the side of the invader. Why? The U.S. views the Yemen Houthi rebels as a stand in for arch American enemy Iran, who supports the Houthis to counter their nemasis Saudi Arabia.  

If that sounds complicated, it is. It’s also considered the worst humanitarian crisis on earth with over 400,000 killed in Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries. Tens of millions are at risk of starvation from the Saudi blockade preventing food and medicine from reaching the besieged Yemenis. 

Yet, keeping their eye on their perceived enemy Iran, the U.S. has always blamed the Houthis for the war. Three years ago, Congress passed the Yemen War Powers Resolution requiring immediate secession of U.S. involvement. But Trump vetoed the resolution, continuing the war till today, during which time many thousands needlessly died. A second Yemen War Powers Resolution was introduced in Congress 3 months ago. Had President Biden kept his campaign promise to end U.S. involvement in Yemen, that resolution wouldn’t be necessary. Every American should support peace in Yemen by urging their congresspersons to support this resolution. They should also call on President Biden to end U.S. involvement in the Yemen war forthwith. 

Walt Zlotow

Peace Coalition announces 2022 Peace Essay Contest

The West Suburban Peace Coalition (WSPC) announces its 2022 Peace Essay Contest with $1,000 to be awarded for the best essay on how best to foster peace in a nation and world involved in perpetual warfare. WSPC sponsors the contest annually as a core activity to rekindle the peace movement in Chicago’s western suburbs and beyond. There are no restrictions regarding the age of contestants or their country of residence. 

To enter the contest and receive contest rules: 

Send an email by June 1, 2022, with “Peace Essay Request” in the subject box, to contest coordinator Walt Zlotow at Include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and age (if younger than 18). Include a short statement of your interest in entering the contest. Your acceptance as a contestant will be acknowledged in an email that contains your assigned four-digit essay number. 

For information, contact: Walt Zlotow at (630) 442-3045; 

Peace Coalition to feature justice for Palestinian children at May 17 Educational Forum

The West Suburban Peace Coalition Educational Forum for May 17 will address the Israeli military detention system for Children in Palestine. Jennifer Bing, who directs the Palestine Activism Program for the American Friends Service Committee, will discuss ‘No Way to Treat a Child’.

This campaign is designed to challenge and end Israel’s military occupation of Palestinians by exposing widespread, systematic ill treatment of Palestinian children in the Israel military detention system. She will discuss pending federal legislation H.R. 2590, the Palestinian Children and Families Act to ensure our tax dollars are not used to detain and torture children, demolish and seize Palestinian homes and further annex Palestinian land in violation of international law.

The May 17 Forum will be on Zoom.

Topic: The Struggle for Justice for Palestinian Children

Speaker: Jennifer Bing, Director, Palestine Activism Progeam, American Friends Service Committee

When: Tuesday, May 17,  7:00 – 8:00 PM CST

Zoom Link:

WSPC Legislative Workgroup 

WSPC Board Member Carol Urban runs our monthly Legislative Workshop, formerly in person, now via Zoom. The Workshop discusses current events and issues, and includes prayer and meditation as participants seek spiritual nourishment in their efforts to promote peace.  

There will be no LeNext Legislative Workshop in May. The next Workshop will be held Wednesday, June 1, from 11:00 to 12:30 CST. 

Contact Carol Urban at for the Zoom link 

WSPC 2022 Membership Dues Schedule 

Individual             $15 per year 

Organization        $30 per year

Send check payable to “WSPC” to WSPC, 340 Greenfield, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Dues and additional donations are tax deductible.  

Peace, if not now….when? 

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WSPC is a non-profit peace organization based in Chicago’s western suburbs. WSPC promotes peace through public witness, peace education, an annual peace essay contest and lobbying for peaceful legislative initiatives and a sane foreign policy.