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Note From The President

Biden can’t blame Congress for foreign policy failures 

With all 50 Republican senators and 2 Democratic holdouts (Manchin and Sinema) blocking most domestic initiatives, President Biden has a daunting obstacle to his bold, ambitious agenda to build back America better.  Infrastructure, climate change, education, health care improvements are all jeopardized by Congressional obstinance.

But on foreign policy it’s all on Biden, and other than one spectacular success, it’s a report card of Failure. That is because Congress decided 20 years ago after 911, to give any president a free hand to wage war, both hot and cold, with virtually no oversight whatsoever. And all four, from Bush Jr., Obama, Trump and now Biden, inevitably follow senseless and failed policies.

But let’s acknowledge Biden’s spectacular success, withdrawing all U.S. troops and ending our 20 year failed war in Afghanistan. That was largely inconceivable due to 20 years of presidents caving to pressure from the national security state; military, weapons makers, congressional hawks and pro war pundits to never end any endless war.

But possibly to allay their fears of expanding U.S. efforts for peace, Biden has held fast to his predecessors’ worst policies, even ratcheting some up.

In two polices Biden reneged on his campaign promise for improvement. He vowed to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, a terrific war saving policy Biden supported as Obama’s VP. But instead of quickly reversing Trump’s utterly senseless 2017 withdrawal, Biden insists Iran negotiate a completely new agreement with onerous, expanded conditions; something to which Iran has justifiably said ‘No way, Joe’. In so doing, Biden has destroyed his and America’s credibility to negotiate sensibly on an issue that that can lead to a new, catastrophic war.

His other campaign promise reversal involves detente with Cuba.  Just like with Iran, Biden assisted Obama’s re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba, opening up Cuba to U.S. tourism, and pledge to end the embargo. Biden criticized Trump’s reversal of Cuban detente and promised to re-engage. That promise was quickly jettisoned upon his inauguration with cruel U.S. sanctions against Cuba continuing into their 62nd year with no end in sight.

Biden also promised to end America’s support for Saudi Arabia’s cruel, murderous war in Yemen. Again, U.S. support continues unabated, putting millions of Yemenites at risk of starvation from the U.S.-Saudi blockade, if they aren’t killed by U.S. bombs dropped from U.S. planes flown by Saudi pilots.

For reasons both obvious and mysterious, Biden has continued Trump’s new Cold Wars with Russia and China. Flirting with support for the corrupt, broken state of Ukraine in their efforts to regain the Crimea and their 2 eastern provinces from Russia, has nothing to do with our national interests. But it could lead to war with Russia if our commitments are not dialed down.

Same goes for our senseless ratcheting up of support for Taiwan in their relationship to China. Both Trump and Biden dumped 4 decades of strategic ambiguity regarding Taiwan, with diplomatic provocations galore, the most egregious of which is a near ironclad promise to defend them militarily if the need arises. That is more recklessness that can end in war.

President Biden reminds me of the halfback with the ball and an open filed to the goal line. Alas, he just can’t help dropping the ball. If he does it enough times ….the ball will eventually explode. 

Walt Zlotow

Peace Coalition to tackle U.S. China relations at Nov. 16 Educational Forum

Those oblivious to U.S. provocations with China, and China’s response, would be well served by attending the Nov 16 Educational Forum of the West Suburban Peace Coalition. That is because the current bellicose U.S. policy toward China may represent the most dangerous tripwire for war between these two nuclear giants. What makes current relations so distressing is that together, China and the U.S. account for 42% of worldwide fossil fuel consumption. Unless these two economic behemoths figure out a way to cooperate on combating climate change instead of military bluster, they won’t have a very livable planet to fight over.

Our guest speaker is Duncan McFarland, an antiwar, peace and social justice activist for 7 decades. His focus is U.S. China relations which he’s acquired from numerous trips to China. Since 2001 Duncan has served on the planning group of a Boston area United for Justice with Peace affiliate opposing U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. His articles have appeared in People’s World, Portside, US-China Review and the newsletter of Massachusetts Peace Action.  In 2021 he edited the book ‘A China Reader’, Changemaker Publications.

Topic: U.S. China relations

Speaker: Duncan McFarland

Tuesday, November 16, 7:00 to 8:00 PM via Zoom. 

Zoom link:

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WSPC Legislative Workgroup 

WSPC Board Member Carol Urban runs our monthly Legislative Workshop, formerly in person, now via Zoom. The Workshop discusses current events and issues, and includes prayer and meditation as participants seek spiritual nourishment in their efforts to promote peace.  

Next Legislative Workshop will be held Wednesday, November 3, from 11:00 to 12:30. 

Contact Carol Urban at for the Zoom link  

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