Peace Sermons

The spoken Word is a mighty tool when used within the context of our communal worship. Rising up out of the eternal and divine wisdom of our holy scriptures, the homily or sermon serves to bring into relevance for us today the enduring truths of these ancient texts.

The struggle to live with our sisters and brothers globally, in ways which bring wholeness of life and is non-destructive to our human existence on this rich planet which we share, is a challenge of grave importance to us today, and will be for generations to come. We at the West Suburban Faith-based Peace Coalition (WSFPC), therefore, wish to share with all this collection of sermons which address the crucial subject of Peace in our world. We pray that these written and spoken words may be an inspiration to you, whether used for your own personal reading or for use in preparing your own messages for use in your congregations.

Excerpt from Pope Francis’ 2019 World Day of Peace message

The authors of the sermons on the list below have granted permission for their use, in whole or in part, as a resource for your own future sermons in your respective communities of faith.

Peace by Rev. Gene Birmingham, September 15, 2002

Jesus Never Said It’s Easy by Rev. Gene Birmingham, August 15, 1999

The Pathway to Peace by Rev. Gene Birmingham, December 6, 1998

Peace at Any Price by Rev. Gene Birmingham, August 4, 1991