Cost of War Campaign

WSFPC’s Cost of War Campaign   

The lives and treasure spent during ten years of war Afghanistan and 7 years in Iraq is staggering.  WSFPC has entered into a year-long campaign to highlight the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   We consider that cost - not just in lives, but in human services so desperately needed right here at home.  We consider environmental impact of air & water pollution abroad and the insidious, ongoing damage from depleted uranium, being suffered both here and abroad.  And spiritual a nation in a cycle of perpetual war, solving every challenge with military means, rather than negotiation and cooperative problem solving,

Here are some specific costs of war that we tally:

850 children are dying each day in Afghanistan from preventable bronchial infections and intestinal disease.  The total cost of Iraq and Afghanistan wars has exceeded $1 trillion dollars.  Consider the job training, health care, veteran’s services, and school improvements that could be funded if that money were spent at home instead. 

We believe people of faith, including local congregations, must call for people to become more actively involved—in working for ending these wars.  Churches can help in prayers for peace, but also in peace education, and encouraging legislative pressure to bring these wars to an end.  With a spiritual mandate to care for the least among us, the church can no longer remain silent on matters of war and peace.  If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. 


Letter Writing Campaign:

WSFPC’s Legislative Committee has initiated a Cost of War Letter Writing campaign.  We’ve compiled talking points, sample letters, and addresses of elected officials. People are encouraged to organize Letter Writing Events in your local congregations. We’ll gather hundreds of letters to elected officials  through the Spring. Then we’ll organize congressional office visits, and a press conference, where we’ll present the letters to our elected officials.  See Cost of War Resources (Letter Writing) at for more information.  Contact Carol Urban, Legislative Workgroup chair, at  630-469-3819 or for more info.

Calling All Therapists:

WSFPC’s Vets Solidarity Team is organizing a pool of therapists who are willing to receive training in trauma counseling, who will provide counseling services to veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Coordinating with Hans Buwalda, licensed psychologist, trainer, and staff therapist for Vietnam Vets Against War, we're seeking licensed therapists (with liability insurance) who are willing to work 'pro bono' with veterans.  Please inquire with your pastor - for the names of counselors who may be willing to serve in this capacity.  Interested? Please contact Karen Jackson at 630-969-7645 or

Speakers Available:

WSFPC speakers are available to give presentations on Cost of War in your congregations.  Please consider inviting someone to present during education hour, to your witness commission, or for a special educational event.  We have resource materials, visual aids, and personal stories to make this a meaningful presentation in your church.  Contact Dave Martin to schedule a speaker at 630-768-9305 or

Cost of War Resources...

Iraq Veterans Against the War: Operation Rescue campaign to end repeated deployments of traumatized soldiers

American Friends Service Committee: Quaker peace organization, great cost of war resources

Vietnam Veterans Against War: Johanna Buwalda -Therapist 773-370-4789, Ray Parrish -GI rights counselor  773-561-8829

Military Families Speak Out: True Cost of War post card campaign,  “Bring our troops & our tax dollars home.”

National Priorities Project: Tallies dollar cost, shows what same $$ could purchase, at town, county, state levels

Wounded Platoon: PBS ‘Frontline’ documentary -- 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company… What happened to them in Iraq and What happened to them when they came home 

Rethink Afghanistan: 6 part online video-documentary series, with recent YouTube updates

Voices for Creative Nonviolence: Recent peacemaker delegations to Afghanistan & Pakistan.  Speakers available.

Iraq Body Count                           

US service personnel deaths, injuries, etc


Human Costs

Financial Costs

Environmental Costs