2014 Awards Luncheon

This year we held our Second Annual Awards Luncheon on August 27th at Viceroy of India. Father Bill O’Shea from PAX Christi led us in prayer and closed with a song. Two of our winners, Ghadeer S. Awwad (first place) and Poonam Kumari Lalit Kumar (fourth place) accepted their awards in person.

All the winners received a plaque and a certificate signed by all six judges. Poonam, who traveled from the UK to receive the award, gave a most inspiring message of peace that delighted everyone. Ghadeer Awwad also travelled from Earlham College in Indiana to attend our luncheon. She gave a heartfelt acknowledgment of what the award meant to her and her family in Gaza, Palestine.

These acceptance speeches followed a most inspiring address by Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Kathy Kelly, who brought tears of sorrow as well as hope and joy to a very appreciative room of peacemakers.

One of the top winners, Dr. James Page, has requested that his award be presented to him at the US Embassy in Australia, and we are hoping this takes place within the next week or so.  His essay has been published in the UN authorized Culture of Peace News Network on 4/29/14.  Awards will be mailed those not present.