Suburban Solidarity with the Caravan Project

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As tens of thousands of asylum seekers flee dire poverty in Honduras, the most violent country in Latin America, Immigrant Solidarity DuPage, the Diocese of Joliet Peace and Justice Ministry, the Lombard Mennonite Church, Saint Andrew Lutheran Church West Chicago and Saint Andrew Methodist Church Carol Stream call for bearing Christian witness, solidarity and compassion with our brothers and sisters walking thousands of miles, hoping for a life of greater dignity and decency in the United States. In a nation that controls half of the world’s wealth and only 6% of the world’s population, we want to show that we will not harden our hearts to our precious brothers and sisters at the border and the children in their arms.


How you can help?   Donate Clothing, Blankets, Packaged Food and Toys to St Jude Parish (241 W. Second Street, New Lenox IL) or your local Catholic Church if they are and active part of the network and if they are not remind them that the time is always ripe to do what’s right! (Martin Luther King Jr)

We will collect donations in mid-February and then head to the border with the donations and bring them to Catholic Charities in Brownsville and possibly El Paso and San Diego. Meanwhile we will host educational events on Honduras and Central American History, host press conferences and other actions at local churches and Casa DuPage Wheaton (213 S. Wheaton Ave. Wheaton IL) to draw awareness and bring more on board to this mission of compassion, love in action and breaking down the walls that divide us internally and outwardly in the spirit of friendship and acceptance of the New Jerusalem of Christ Jesus.

For more information, sponsorship and donations, contact:
Immigrant Solidarity DuPage 630-518-5390